A Crack in the wall [4]

It was almost 6pm. Rush hour by Titi’s observations. She gritted her teeth in frustration upon realizing she would never get home in time for her routine evening walk.

Maybe that was a good thing. The Ajah area had become increasingly chaotic these past few days.

Maybe she should stay in tonight, she told herself. Put her feet up and catch up on some reading.

Someone whizzed past her pushing an empty wheelchair along and she stepped out of the way just quickly enough to avoid an accident. Read More

Lagos Nights F.U.N

I remember the first time I met Olaotan. It was like something straight out of a movie. I was in my third year at GU and just about to become the oldest virgin alive at the ripe age of 22. It was bad enough that I was one of the oldest in my class but I also doubled as the least experienced.

So when Yetunde told me she was leaving school for a party I was more than thrilled. I could count on one hand how many parties I had been to in my life (kiddies parties did not count by the way). I should have asked what kind of party it was especially since the BBM said “BYOB”. (I still remember the puzzled expression Yetty had given me when I asked what BYOB meant).

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A Letter To My Blossoming Hair



Dear Blossoming hair,

You’ve only grown an inch since the last time I checked in the mirror.

Was this only minutes ago? Or was it last week?

I can’t remember.

I only know that watching you grow has my eyes bulging from their sockets like owls watching night birth the dawn.

I run my hands through you with the impatience of a toddler.

Why won’t you grow any faster?

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“Ronke, focus on me. Ronke!!” Dolapo whispered in a harsh, desperate tone as she tried to shake Ronke out of the trance she seemed to have fallen into.

“Dolapo, I can feel them. Every single one of them. Oh God” Ronke repeated, squeezing her eyes tight shut.

Her eyes flew open almost immediately as a lone tear rolled down her left cheek.

Dolapo threw frantic glances around. Her eyes met warm brown ones but she looked away hurriedly. It was always best to avoid eye contact at these events. The crowd pressed against them, screaming as they lifted their hands skyward. The fear of being trampled threatened to overpower her but she remembered how dangerous fear was to her friend at the moment

Ronke’s eyes glazed over as she stared into the distance. She had curled into herself and Dolapo’s arms around her shoulders were the only thing keeping her from collapsing into a pile on the dirty tarred ground. Read More

Lagos is a bubble. Burst it

I am a snob.

I do not say this with pride. In fact there’s a bit of sheepishness tinged with shame in that confession.

For someone who claims to be reasonably well-traveled and open-minded or as we call in these days – “woke”, I’m under-exposed to the most important country of all…mine.

There’s a certain arrogance that comes with being a Lagosian. I claim this title of Lagosian and have claimed it for over twenty-something years. [I dare anyone to challenge me] Keep on reading!