Trust [4]

When Trust asked that they leave Four Points, she had not envisaged where Kitan had in mind.

He seemed excited to show her this new place and when Trust saw it she knew why.

The place was called ‘a hole in the wall’ and when she had asked about the origin of the name Kitan had simply pointed to the hole in the wall which served as entrance.

On the drive down they’d talked about his life abroad and his work, skirting around the subject of relationships.

He loved his job. Trust could hear it in his voice as he talked about running his company, a startup called SQKI-Clean [pronounced SQueaky Clean]. It was a first-of-its kind automated car wash.

“The land is on lease obviously but from my mom and I’m working with a biotechnology firm to help us recycle the water. It’s hard but I am excited about the possibilities”

Trust had listened, enraptured by the passion in his voice.

“Wait! You leased land from your mom?” She repeated in shock.

He laughed. “Yeah. I wanted all my transactions at arms length.”

She stared at him like he had sprouted two heads. “So the thought of working for someone or even your mom never occurred to you?” She asked.

He hesitated. “It did. But I wanted to put all this foreign education to good use na” he said with a self deprecating laugh. “And my mom doesn’t work. I’m her meal ticket”

“Huh. What does that mean?” She asked, puzzled.

He shrugged, instead letting himself out of the car. He came over to the passenger side, holding the door open for her before she could touch the door lever handle.

The fell into a companionable silence as they walked down Bishop Aboyade Cole, their hands nearly touching.

Trust wrapped her arms around herself instead to prevent the touching.

“Are you cold?” Kitan asked. She shook her head in response.

“I came here recently with a couple of guys from work and the Isi ewu was the shit” he said chattily. “Have you been here before?”

“Yes actually” she responded.

He chuckled good-humoredly. “Not to flog an already overused line but…you really should be the one showing me around Lagos”

“I’m not a tour guide. I bet that ex of yours would gladly let you tour Lagos and more” Trust said cattily.

Kitan simply rolled his eyes. “Sade runs a travel blog so I’m sure she’ll be more than able to accommodate me. But I like this company better”

“What’s to like? “Trust couldn’t resist adding.

Kitan had been right. The aroma of the isi ewu nearly had her sniffing the air like a dog.
She paused as the waiter placed a platter laden with sauced goat head in front of Kitan and the a smaller platter of nkwobi (cow leg) before her.

As enticing as the Isi ewu smelled, she knew she couldn’t stomach it. The thought of eating goat tongue or worse yet its eyes was far from appealing.

Kitan tucked a napkin into the front of his shirt and grabbed a fork and knife. Trust tried to stifle a giggle as she watched him.

“You’re supposed to dig in with your bare hands. This cutlery denies you the true African experience” she said.

Kitan glanced at the cutlery, seemingly reconsidering his decision and then forwent it for his hands. He washed his hands vigorously, applied hand sanitizer and then began to eat.

He groaned appreciatively once he got a taste.

“I just can’t get over how spicy this is… ” he began. “Yeah as you were saying, what’s to like?”

Trust almost wished she had not asked.

“You are fascinating. I’m sure you know that.” He said holding her gaze. “I’ve gone over that night at TGAS a million times, asking myself ‘why did she pick Dimeji over me?’. But I guess the heart wants what it wants”

Trust snorted in an unladylike manner “Yeah, the heart” she said sardonically.

“Umm I’m guessing it’s the heart. Because how else would you explain all the signs Dimeji gave you that he wasn’t so into you and you blatantly ignoring them”

Trust’s jaw dropped. “Wow. What a way to ingratiate yourself with a girl you purport to like” she said bitterly. “I didn’t know we were on Dr Phil”

Kitan bit his lip. “Shit! I’m sorry.” He muttered. “I’m still kinda pissed about the whole thing”

“I’ll save you some more piss. Stop bothering me and we can pretend this…Dimeji and I, you and I never happened. It’s hard to move on when you’re a constant reminder of my stupid mistake” she lashed out angrily.

“Well, first of all, I like bothering you. Secondly, you just admitted that there’s a you and I.” He said smiling cheekily.

Trust glared at him. “You sure know how to get under a girl’s skin”

“That’s where I like to be” he retorted.

A/N: Hi guys, this is kind of short but only because It needed to be. So what do you think? Is Kitan playing a game of “play or be played?”. Is Trust going to give up her ‘Social-climbing’ ways? And is anyone missing Dimeji? I’m also thinking of doing a Nneoma (aka Nini) story series. I’d like your thoughts on these. Thanks again for reading.


  1. Made · February 12, 2016

    No we are not missing Dimeji..at least I am not.
    Kitan does sound like he is playing a game. I like him cautiously sha cos I cant help wondering “if he is such a good guy, why is he friends with Dimeji?”


  2. blackdalailama · March 1, 2016

    This is nice. The story sucked me in and left me wanting more. Kinda like a brief meeting with an attractive stranger. It leaves an impression


  3. Elma · March 29, 2016

    I love your story!! It’s flawless ❤


  4. cynthia · April 5, 2016

    I really liked the story, not missing Dimeji @ all. Well done


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