Chastity [3]

For a four year old Inem was quite the chatterbox.

Even now as I attempted to braid her thick natural curls, she was regaling me with the exploits of her arch nemesis at school while Chase interrupted her ever so often with some grammar correction.

“So I toled her..”

“Told” Chase interjected. She was reclining on a couch about a foot away from us casually flipping through a magazine. The 52 inch tv on the wall was tuned to Disney Junior where Mickey and the Roadster Racers was showing. 

“Told her” Inem continued seamlessly. “Not errbody have two pa-parents. I have one mommy and I ams fine”

I smiled at Inem’s words. She was such a spirited child. Like her mother.

I could feel Chase smiling even though she pretended to be engrossed in her Allure magazine. She was the only person I knew who bought Vanguard newspapers just to read their fashion and style section.

“Uncle C have you done?” Inem asked touching her hair impatiently

“Yes he’s done” Chase responded testily. “Oya go and play with Patience. Mommy and Uncle C want to gist”

Inem scowled but obeyed her mother. She rose from the couch and trudged towards her play room but not without knocking several magazines on the coffee table to the ground. The little drama queen, I thought fondly to myself. I could hear her calling out to Patience, her nanny as she went.

Chastity blew a strand of hair from her eyes and rolled her eyes simultaneously.

“That child has too much character” she groaned.

“Who she resemble?” I teased. “Wait till she turns 7, you go really hear am” I added.

“Don’t remind me that she’ll grow up” she groaned burying her head in her hands.

I felt like a terrible friend. For the past three months Chastity had listened to every graphic detail of my celibacy journey while I’d scarcely made out time to be the friend she needed.

Without the makeup she applied so liberally during the week at work, I noticed that she looked tired. New wrinkles had appeared around her mouth and her eyes appeared sunken.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She sighed deeply and after a brief pause responded, “Anjola”

I sighed in response. “What does the douchebag want this time?”

Chase took no offense at my calling her baby daddy a douche bag. Most times I felt like she agreed with me. Other times I felt like she still carried a torch for him. Regardless, she never failed to voice her hatred for ‘Yoruba demons’.

The story with Anjola or Anjie (as she had once fondly referred to him) was a long one.

“He wants Inem to spend a week with him once the school term ends”

“Okay?” I said in an inquiring tone.

“In France. Probably with his floozy of the week. I heard he’s dating one former Miss LaCasera something” she said bitterly.

“Ermm, France ke?” I spat out. “This is someone that ordinary weekend in Port Harcourt we had to pry your hands open for you to even allow Inem go. Let alone the abroad. And how do you even know who he’s dating? Still stalking his Instagram account?”

From the way she averted her eyes I knew I’d struck a chord. I knew my friend very well.

“Guy abeg let us focus on what’s important here…My child spending time with that idiot. Is douche bag contagious? Lemme just know if my child will catch it” she groaned.

“You’re not seriously considering allowing it, are you?” I asked.

“What will I do now?” Chase pouted. When she pouted she looked younger than her twenty seven years. Especially now that she was dressed simply in frayed cutoffs and an old tshirt. I think it was mine once upon a time.

“Just say no” I suggested.

She paused and seemed to consider my suggestion before shaking her head vehemently. She didn’t want any more legal threats as Anjola was prone to doing whenever he didn’t get his way.

Trust Chase not to fall for the average Yoruba demon but the over-privileged ‘butey’ Yoruba demon. Ha!

“Please forget me for a second. What’s up with Nanya?” she asked.

I understood this deflection as Chase’s way of dealing with uncomfortable subjects and played along.

“Nanya is fine” I replied.

Chase cleared her throat loudly and winked at me salaciously.

I tossed a pillow at her head. “You’re just gross” I said making a face at her.

“Come on spill the tea jor and leave matter for Matthias” she prompted me.

“What tea? You too like amebo.” I chided her. “I need to leave sef. We’re having a movie night today”

Chastity burst into raucous laughter. “You sound like someone in a relationship” she said in a questioning tone as her naturally perfect brows arched in surprise.

I smiled to myself. “Would that be a bad thing?” I said coyly.

Before Chase could respond I rose from the couch, patting my pockets for my wallet. I planted a quick kiss on her right cheek to distract her from asking more questions. She swatted me away like a pesky fly. I’ve never met a woman more afraid of any displays of affection.

I chuckled to myself as I made my way to the playroom to give Inem her customary hug while Patience stared at me with those puppy dog eyes. I’d once told Chastity that her nanny had a crush on me and her response had been comical. She had threatened to cut out the teenage girl’s eyes.

“Are you coming to my church tomorrow? Remember I invited you for our harvest” Chastity asked as I made my way to the exit door.

I shook my head in response. “We’re going to Nanya’s church”

“Again?” She exclaimed in surprise. “This babe don win soul for Christ o. Remain small now you go be church worker”

I laughed in response and poked Chase in the stomach as I left. Her returning scowl was enough to roast corn. She was very conscious of her stomach. She had been trying to lose the weight accumulated during her pregnancy for three years now. I chuckled to myself thinking of how Chastity’s idea of exercising was sex. Her name was ironic indeed. Thank God she didn’t make a habit of allowing her bed partners meet Inem.

Now unto Nanya, I thought to myself as I slid into my car.

Her full name was Ifunanya and I had been seeing her (if one could call it that) for close to three weeks now. I met her at a games night organized by a friend of a friend who lived at one of the new Lekki Gardens’ estates. She was the only one who refused to drink whenever she failed at a game. Her resilience had impressed me.

It had also helped that she was stunning. My spec in my head had always been tall, slim, light-skinned, full lips, arse like a dump truck and of course a gorgeous face. Sadly I had only ever dated dark-skinned girls. Ifunanya was like a dream come true.

She was five foot nine with mad booty for a slim girl. She was twenty-six and worked as a consultant for one of the ‘Big Four’. Her skin was like a ripe udara. Half the time I was with her, I imagined sinking my teeth into it and leaving bite marks all over her body. It didn’t help that she was always wearing sleeveless dresses around me, leaving her long slender arms for me to admire.

She resided in the boys quarters at one of those new high-rise apartment buildings around Ikate-Elegushi. I’d visited her in the past and has surprisingly managed not to tear her clothes off. Not that she would let me.

The astounding discovery that Ifunanya was also celibate had left me feeling both ecstatic and disappointed. I’d never asked for her reason. In my three short months of celibacy, I’d come to discover that they were some things that only you could understand. Like why someone who was clearly a touchy-feely person could decide to be celibate.

Ifunanya was the touchy-feely one. She kissed like a pro, all lips, less tongue. She really put her full lips to good use. Every bloody time I was tempted to just pull my trousers down and have her really put it to better use.

Tay’s Renascentia was playing on the radio – 96.5 FM as I pulled into a parking space in front of the block of flats that Nanya’s BQ was attached to.

I felt exhilarated as I stepped out of my Lexus ES350 after spritzing on some Armani Code. This was not a relationship despite what I’d told Chase. I was definitely not ready for one. But it felt good to just chill with Nanya and make-out with no strings attached.

She had a habit of stopping me whenever things got too heavy. I suspected that she enjoyed seeing my eyes glaze over with lust. She was such a tease.

“Hey you” she greeted me with a smile as she unlocked her burglar-proof doors. She was dressed in cotton shorts and a camisole.

“Hey gorgeous” I said as I hugged her. She was as warm as a bun straight from the oven.

“How is Chastity?” she asked looking up at me.

“Good” I said breezily. “She said to say hi”.

My  frequent mention of Chastity had prompted Nanya to ask about our relationship the last time I visited. I had been quick to dispel any insecurity she might have had. Chastity was a family friend for all Nanya knew. This wasn’t too far from the truth. After all Chase had met my folks several times so…tada! family friend.

“Are you hungry?” she asked running a hand over my head.

“Nah I already ate” I answered quickly. She froze and I thought I saw a frown cross her face but it gone quickly.

She had rented a movie on DSTV’s Box Office – The Shallows and I watched idly as she selected it from the bouquet. She then walked over to the windows and closed the blinds.

I didn’t know anything about the movie except that it was a thriller. There was however something I was sure of. We would not be it.

“I made popcorn” she announced as she walked to her miniscule kitchen and returned with a bowl of popcorn.

I hated popcorn so I shrugged noncommittally. The babe was really going all out. Who was I to complain though?

She sank onto the couch beside me and rested her head against my chest as the movie began. A young boy kicking a ball on the beach…

I had one arm wrapped around Nanya’s waist and if I squeezed just so I could make her squirm. I felt naughty so I squeezed, she squirmed and nestled closer to me. I smiled to myself.

She stared intently at the screen, munching her popcorn quietly. It made me wonder if she didn’t feel the tension in the air. Feeling emboldened, I moved my hand upward squeezing her flesh as a went. She didn’t bat my hands away as she normally did. Instead she continued to watch the movie. My hand moved upward until I could feel her boobs. I pinched her nipples and her lips parted slightly. I pinched again and this time she thrust her chest forward pushing her boobs further into my hands.

I gave up all pretense of watching the movie and buried my head in her neck. I kissed and bit until she took quick shallow breaths. I pushed her camisole away roughly until my hands touched warm skin, firm soft breasts. They felt so good.

Nanya turned into me and our lips met in a clash of teeth, our breaths mingling like smoke and air. I was already unfastening the buttons of her shorts when her hands stopped me.

Not Again, I wanted to groan before I remembered that I too was supposed to be celibate.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

This was new.

I scratched my head. “Umm, we’re fooling around. Don’t worry nothing will happen. I just wan want to touch you” I said as I leaned forward to continue kissing her.

Her lips opened up to me like a flower in bloom. Her lips. A groan escaped my lips from just thinking about them.

“Stop” she said pushing me gently backwards.

I refrained from rolling my eyes. “What?” I said taking care to hide the impatience I felt.

“I meant what are we doing? Are we dating? Are we just chilling?”

I rolled my eyes then. Why did girls always have to go and spoil a good thing? Of course we were just chilling but I knew telling Nanya that would not bode well. I liked her and was even considering inviting her to my cousin’s wedding the next week but this question of hers was premature.

I’d only known the babe what – three weeks!

“I thought we were getting to know each other” I replied. “Your likes. Dislikes. What makes you squirm..” I punctuated each comment with a quick kiss on her lips.

“Do you like what you know so far?” she asked staring at me from beneath long lashes

“I do. A whole lot” I replied.

My answer seemed to have placated her because a sunny smile bloomed across her face. I tried to hide my surprise when she suddenly sat astride me nearly knocking the air out of my lungs. Her shorts had ridden up and I could feel her butt cheeks. I wasted no time in grabbing them. She rocked gently against me and I wanted her to do it again but this time without the clothes.

“You promised me nothing would happen o” she said in a whiny voice that was unlike anything I’ve ever heard from her.

Indeed I had promised but who was I to stop her if she felt like expressing herself by stripping? Were cunninglingus and fellatio out of bounds during celibacy? I wondered.

“I promise” I said smiling devilishly even as she rocked against me again. My dick twitched ever so slightly.

I was a glutton for punishment. I told myself yet again.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



  1. 'FOJ · February 3, 2017

    Is cunninglingus and fellatio out of bounds during celibacy?

    Good question. I think it should be. The whole point of being celibate should be to avoid an orgasm otherwise masturbation would be proper while “celibating” too.

    Good one. Hope you don’t take so long to update again.

    ….and I’m sorry if I pushed a little too hard for the update.

    The Eternal Sunshine shall shine bright forever. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dtunji · February 4, 2017

    Why did u have to stop here na!!! . Really nice. Apparently other people are pushing u harder than moi. Need to buckle up


  3. blackdalailama · February 5, 2017

    You know what you’re reading is good when you planned to glance and end up reading twice. 👌🏾


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