Trust [2]

Author’s Note: yay!!! I finally concluded this. This took me roughly 3 hours to write. (Hides face). I wonder where I’ll charge that time. I hope you enjoy more of Trust’s story. Please leave comments. Feedback will help my development as a writer. Thanks

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Read part one: Trust

The ride to the reception venue was excruciatingly long. The taxi driver had earlier mentioned how the traffic stretched from Kofo Abayomi all the way to Sandfield. He said this in the aggravating way taxi drivers in Lagos had mastered in order to extract more money from their customers.

Trust stared out of the window blankly. His voice sounded odd like a distant droning in her ears. They passed the Civic Towers with its huge ‘Now Letting’ sign and she let herself be momentarily distracted by the thought that these supposedly astute businessmen had waited to complete an obviously expensive project before trying to get tenants.
Rich people problems she thought to herself.

Nini sat in the back stealing furtive glances at her. Trust remembered their discussion this morning. There had been screaming, crying on her part and shoes been thrown against a wall. But here they were, moments later, heading to the wedding of the year, according to BellaNaija.

“Are you a glutton for pain? Why do you wanna go to the wedding?” Nini had screamed at her only moments earlier while she painstakingly applied mascara to eyelashes that were still damp with tears.

She could feel Nini’s eyes on her again. Staring at her like she would combust any second.

She smiled wanly, finding comfort in the fact that she looked absolutely stunning.

She had gotten a new job at one of the leading consultancy firms in Lagos. Something respectable. She could finally make some money. Tush herself up a bit. Move out of godforsaken Ojo to someplace maybe in Oniru or Bar beach towers. Yes yes, that sounded like a plan, she thought to herself.

She blinked rapidly to keep from crying again after remembering Nini’s efforts at making her up.

Damn you Dimeji, she thought again.

She had fallen into a relationship with Dimeji kind of like how one stumbled into a shopping addiction. One minute you’re on Linda Ikeji and the next minute you’re scouring Yudala for Bluetooth speakers you never knew you needed. He was sophisticated and novel. His accent was beyond fascinating and he spoke French with the ease of a natural born Frenchman.

After being away from Nigeria for so long, he took to the Lagos social life like a fish in water. His zest for life triggered something in her she’d thought long dormant. He was an epicurean at his very core. It wasn’t long before they knew him at every hangout in Lagos.

Bizzle retweeted him regularly. He hung out with Asa Asika now and then. Even Don Jazzy had given him a shout out one time. It didn’t take long for Trust to realize that Kiitan was the opposite. Kiitan was the ‘serious’ one. She saw a lot of him because Dimeji and herself were almost always at his house.

Her taxi expenses racked up like a shopaholic’s bills yet she grinned and bore it. Life with Dimeji was too exciting.
Sometimes she would take a bus to Falomo roundabout and then take a cab from there to Macpherson avenue were Kiitan lived. She knew Dimeji’s parents lived in Park view estate but she had never visited his house. It was a double life, but she’d rather die than have Dimeji know she was anything but middle class. Nini called it a scam. She called it forming which was normal.

He could never know that her father was a teacher at Lagos State Model College Kankon and that her mother was a housewife, or that she had only ended up at CU after two failed JAMB attempts. He could definitely not know about the house she grew up in Oshodi or that she had schooled herself to talk in her slow measured and cultured way. CU was the best thing that her parents could have done for her but now they looked at her like she was the breadwinner and she pretended she didn’t hear her dad complain about his joints.
Her problems would have seemed like a bad Nigerian movie to someone like Dimeji. So she smiled and dressed nicely because he liked that.  Her former job as a receptionist at a law firm had been good but it had paled in comparison to Kiitan’s who was running his own start-up or Dimeji’s who was an Operations Manager at one of his mother’s companies. So to them, she played it down by saying she was doing this to gain some experience first.

She remembered the first time Dimeji tried to have sex with her. She’d told him she was a virgin. Because dry humping naked did not count as sex even though Bryan’s tip had almost slipped in that one time. Dimeji had looked at her like she had sprouted two extra heads and with a huff he’d pulled away. He’d never asked her again, but she knew he was getting it elsewhere. He was too virile to be satisfied with her ‘virgin’ answer. Or her avidly administered blowjobs.

She wanted to keep him. He was like that Barbie doll she had wanted so much as a child, but her parents could never afford. Now by some rare combination of luck and bombshell, she had managed to land him.

Thank you great genes. She had wanted to shout.

He smelled like old money and Creed. And whenever she kissed him she wanted it to go on. She had almost convinced herself she was in love with him even though Kiitan invaded her thoughts sometimes with his dry sense of humour and his mischievous smile. He was proof that still waters ran deep.

She had offered him her virginity in a desperate attempt to hold on to a dream. He had taken it with the ease of someone who had everything handed to him. Two days later, she had seen the post on BellaNaija’s Instagram page.

Dimeji Bankole, heir to billion dollar oil empire set to wed Aramide Delago, daughter of Delago Group boss. 

Her heart had palpitated with a combination of fury and hurt. Nini’s casually tossed words “What did you expect?” had not helped matters. Neither had to confront Dimeji.

She had gone to Kiitan’s house to extract an explanation only to be told by the security guard that Oga (in this case Dimeji) was not around. She knew he was lying because she could see Dimeji’s black Range Rover Evoque through the gaps in the iron gate.

She had trembled from the chill in the air and insisted on waiting until a car horn alerted her to Kiitan’s return from work. She had been fighting tears all day but seeing Kiitan nearly destroyed her resolve. He had signaled for the security guard to let her in. He had walked to the main door leaving her no choice but to follow. He said nothing to her, but she could see the pity in his eyes. Pity and something else she couldn’t quite name.

“Dimeji, Trust is here” he had called out as he entered the four-bedroom semi-detached house that had been a gift from his parents.

She knew this from Dimeji.

Dimeji had stormed downstairs looking like a tempest.

She had never seen him that angry.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He had asked angrily. “Why the hell did you let her in Kiitan? Like what the..”

“Deal with your shit Dimeji” Kiitan had said nonchalantly pouring himself a drink and then loosening the knot in his tie.

“You’re getting married” Trust had said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. So?” Dimeji had responded.

“Wow,” she had exclaimed. “Just like that huh?”

“What do you mean? You didn’t actually think I was gonna marry you, did you?” He had said his voice laced with derision.

Trust had known he was a snob, but she had never been at the receiving end of his snobbery.

“My family…I have standards.” He had said.

“You obviously don’t have any when it gets down to fucking, right?” Trust had said and then as if remembering Kiitan was still there she had blushed furiously.

Dimeji had smiled maliciously. “Oh well, I never turn down pussy when it’s offered” he had retorted. “If we’re done, here let yourself out. And save what’s left of your pride, don’t come back here”

With that, he had returned upstairs leaving Trust slack-jawed.

She had sniffed, realizing that her cheeks were wet.

“Trust” Kiitan had started, reaching for her elbow.

“Don’t touch me” she had cried. Sobs had threatened to escape her lips, but she fought them back and settled for a whimper.

“You knew. This whole time. You let me make a fool of myself. I thought we were friends”

Kiitan had given a bitter laugh. “Trust, we’re not friends. You’re the babe who was screwing my friend and I’m the guy who’s going to marry you” he had said.

“Wait!! What??” She had asked, confused.

“Look forget I said anything. Would you have believed me if I’d told you he had a girlfriend right from the start” he said. “And I really did think you were just in it for the fun”

“What exactly is fun to you guys?” She had said shaking her head in bewilderment. “I gave up my virginity to your dickhead of a friend. Yay!!! That was fun” she had added sarcastically.

“Wait! Vir – What???” He had frowned in confusion.

“Goodbye Kiitan” she had said rushing out of the house.

Now here she was heading to Dimeji’s wedding.

They arrived at the Oriental hotel at nearly past four, after spending two and a half hours stuck in traffic between Civic Centre and Sandfield. It seemed that the wedding was the cause of the traffic. A red carpet extended from the entrance all the way to the Terrace Sky Garden hall where the reception was being held. The decor was breathtaking and was rumored to have been the handiwork of Zapphaire events.

Lithe ushers dressed in Grecian style dresses complete with gold headbands escorted them to their seats.

“Are we going to be here for long?” Nini asked. “Because if we are I need a drink” she added grabbing a glass of champagne from a waiter. “Or maybe a whole bottle”

Trust spotted several dignitaries and notable Nigerians amongst the wedding crowd. She angled her head in the hopes of getting a view of the bride.

She’s not even that pretty. Look at her scattered dentition, she thought to herself.

She watched Dimeji dance with his bride while she seethed.

Nini’s suggestion of a whole bottle of champagne suddenly seemed ingenious. So when a waiter passed by offering them a choice of whatever drink they wanted, she grabbed a bottle of champagne instead.

She was semi-drunk by the time Kiitan finally spotted them.

“Hi Nini,” he said taking her hand and planting a soft kiss at the back of it. Nini smiled sheepishly.

“Hey stop that,” Trust said beating away his hand.

“Trust” he called softly. “What are you doing here? Are you a glutton for punishment?”

“That’s what I said” Nini chirped in.

“Way to supply me best friend,” Trust said turning to glare at Nini.

“You mean, support” Kiitan corrected.

“I mean what I said. I said what I mean” she said in a singsong voice.

“Do you want to dance?” He said unbuttoning his suit and extending his hand.

She didn’t want to, but she found herself slipping her hand into his.

He led her to the centre of the dance floor. She felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter as eyes trailed them.

She couldn’t blame them. Kiitan was incredibly handsome and the suit only enhanced his appeal.

He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer.

Shit! She thought to herself. That was hot.

He smelled incredible, like Armani Code and Oldspice. She found herself burying her nose in his neck.

She heard him groan.

“Trust stop that,” he said. “Please”

She pulled back and looked up at him.

He ran a hand down her cheek all the way to her lips, causing her heart to race. She looked away and her eyes met Dimeji’s angry glare. He was dancing not far way with his bride, but his eyes were on them.

“I’m going to marry you Trust,” Kiitan said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. Like I haven’t heard that one before” she mumbled rolling her eyes.

Kiitan laughed. The way he had when she first met him at TGAS all those months ago.

“You may want to try some honesty yourself. Like first of all, what’s your real name?” He said quirking a brow at her.

Her heart froze.

It seemed like a lifetime before she responded.

Even Nini didn’t know it.

“Iyabo” she answered in a small voice.


BellaNaija – popular online magazine and blog

Ojo – area in the outskirts of Lagos, on the Lagos – Badagry expressway

Linda Ikeji – popular gossip blog

Yudala – online retail store

Park view estate – Highbrow estate in Ikoyi Lagos

Kankon – area in badagry

Oshodi – a densely populated area in Lagos famous for the  Oshodi Market

Oga – Boss


  1. ena iki- esiolee · October 2, 2015

    Hmmmh interesting, raw,intense!! Love it!


  2. Fiedling · October 2, 2015

    nice…..and smooth….keeps the reader hooked

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Niko · October 3, 2015

    And then you’ll leave us hanging for another 5 years. Stop et!!!! Old money and creed? Love that! Do a book


  4. Nvm · October 4, 2015

    Let the sex be more intense and more graphic. E.g weird places dimeji must ve banged trust. How he has always been strict with his phone and taking pics wt trust…. I hope there is a part 3.


    • alakowe290 · October 5, 2015

      Thanks. I actually didn’t plan a part 3, but with the comments so far I most definitely will. As for more graphic, hmmm.


  5. Hephie Brown · February 22, 2016

    very, very nice


  6. Sola · July 7, 2016

    “She wanted to keep him. He was like that Barbie doll she had wanted so much as a child, but her parents could never afford”………what a graphical description of a woman’s desire.
    I think I like Olakiitan…..he’s a martured man that sees value in Iyabo even when she can’t see value in herself.


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